Virtual Reality Gaming Paves the way toward the Future of Gaming

An immersive new technology to revolutionize the way we game.Video games have been a large and growing part of our culture since they were first introduced. They have been gateways to entirely different worlds, or just a fun little distraction from everyday life. Regardless, the impact of video games on modern culture has been enormous, and will likely continue to be so in the future.

The earliest games were simple plug in modules, where the game was very simple, and the graphics were quite dated, with even simple image being hard to discern. The early greats consisted of Pac man, Mario, and Donkey Kong, with many nostalgic childhood memories being created in those days of carefree gaming.

As time went on, graphics improved, and the first 3D graphics games appeared in the mid 90’s. The breakthrough that came with this was enormous for gamers and developers. It allowed more realistic features to be included, and also saw the rise of more complex and mature games aimed at older audiences.

Keeping with this trend, games continued to innovate and grow, with the market continuing to expand rapidly. New series were released, and older ones were given a make-over, giving them new features to stay relevant in the innovative video game market.

Today, demand continues to increase, and the sheer amount of games we have today is mind boggling compared to what we possessed only a few decades ago. This expansion shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down, thus developers must continue to find new ideas and practices to keep up with the ever changing dynamic of modern video games.

Virtual Reality gaming is a concept that has been the dream of gamers and developers alike for decades. A game system that allows you to immerse yourself so deeply within the gameplay that you feel like you are in the game itself. This development has easily rocked the boat of gaming for everyone, whether they know it now or not.

With the development of virtual reality, gaming will become an entirely new experience for players, even those who don’t initially buy into it at first. As the technology progresses, games will be developed specifically for the virtual reality format. Meaning that companies will begin to shift focus towards these types of games in order to stay current with the market.

Certain genres will be more compatible with the virtual reality headsets, horror being especially prominent among them. Some games will feel like you’re flying or shooting, but horror games will provide a truly unique experience for those who are brave enough to try. The vast array of titles makes the prospect both exciting and terrifying.

The prospects of a virtual reality headset seem to open doors for the gaming industry that were once closed forever it seemed. Immersion into the games themselves will likely heighten the impact these games have on the people who play them. The experience is what it’s all about concerning this type of gameplay.

While the future of Virtual reality gaming is looking bright, there are still some early obstacles that are always present in the beginning stages of any new development. Chiefly the price is still an obstacle to some who want to try the new virtual reality headsets, but can’t fit it into their budget right now. This is something that developers will have to address to make it more accessible.

The PlayStation VR, shortened to PSVR, somewhat addresses the financial concerns of players. Its new VR headsets are set at a market price of 349.99. This is lower than the costs of other headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, which sells for over 500.00, but still remains a high price tag for those who have to watch their gaming budgets.

In time, the price of virtual reality headsets will likely begin to drop as the technology improves and becomes cheaper. This is the natural way of things in an economy, as computers were once ridiculously expensive in the beginning, and out of reach of the common person. In time, however, they dropped in price, and are now found in homes around the world.

Other problems have presented themselves to the market of the virtual reality headsets. Issues include fuzzy and lower quality imagery for games. The headsets only allow for 1080p per eye, which results I na fuzzier looking picture. Even the higher end models cock out at 1200p per eye. This issue is a problem for all models of VR headsets.

The problem concerning the vision of the player is one that can seem a bit frustrating, but will improve with time. Much like price tags on current models, these will gradually be improved to fit with a more playable experience that possesses an even more realistic and immersive gameplay. The hardware will eventually improve, as it always does.

Those playing the virtual reality games that got past the price tag, and the blurrier vision, face another possible problem, nausea. The rapid movements of the VR headset makes the experience immersive, but also quite capable of giving a person a headache or causing motion sickness. This has occurred with all models on the market.

Steps are being taken to try to reduce this handicap on the user experience, but for now, it’s an issue that the player must deal with. While numerous factors are involved, and the experience is different for everyone, the results are the same when it comes to the causes.

It is hard to tell which game will cause nausea or headaches, as some will do it for some, but not for others. A racing game could cause problems for one player, while a tactical first-person shooter may do it for another. Everyone copes differently with different experiences.

Horror games may require a safety warning as time goes on, as these games can be mentally and emotionally hard on the player. Many horror games have terrified players in the past, imagining them experiencing that in first-person could mean a medical problem if caution is not taken. These issues need to be thought out for the successful future of VR gaming.

While there appear to be many drawbacks to virtual reality gaming, the possibilities are enormous. The immersion and enjoyment of games can be experienced at a level never seen before. Players can feel like they are actually in the middle of their favorite titles. This is something truly special for the gaming market.

Interact with games using motion, vision, and a surprising variety of other senses.The Sony Virtual Reality headset is available at a lower price than some of the competition, such as the Oculus Rift. While it also shares the same problems and issues that affect all Virtual Reality headsets on the market, these will be improved over time, and will create an even more immersive and realistic gameplay experience.

Sony developed the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset in order to compete with its market rivals in the new and developing aspect of gaming that is VR. Not only is it cheaper than many of its competitors, but it is also capable of the same functions of them as well, meaning more bang for your buck when it comes to the offer.

This focus on performance for a more affordable model will likely resonate with players, especially those who want to experience this groundbreaking technology, but need a more affordable option. With this appeal in mind, Sony can grab more of the developing virtual reality market from its rivals, based on affordability alone.

While Sony bringing this option to players is important, competition in the market extremely benefits players. Competition among companies creates a drive to appeal to more of the market, meaning that lower costs and more features are to be expected from the virtual reality development in the future. A competitive market is a good market for everyone.

A closed market would spell disaster for virtual reality gaming, as it would with any market. A single company holding sway over an entire market creates a situation with no need for innovation or desire to improve. Since no one else threatens their hold over the market, the single company can decide everything about the product or service.

The PlayStation VR is definitely worth the price tag, and is actually one of the best deals currently on the market. With the reasonable price, features, and immersion of gameplay, the player can’t go wrong in selecting one of these headsets to get them started in the world of virtual reality.

While there are still some issues that plague the virtual reality headsets of any company in the market, with nausea, resolution, and headaches being among them, the technology is still improving. As time goes on, the problems will be solved or at the very least, minimized. Experience will get better, and the player will become immersed in a new world of gaming.

Virtual Reality headsets are possibly the biggest shakeup to occur to gaming in its entire history. Never before have players had the chance to experience the type of immersion that these allow. Gaming will forever be changed by the inclusion of virtual reality headsets like the PlayStation VR.