19 random but awfully useful tips for better online life

There is a good chance that the majority of the readers going through this article would know that another year is actually drawing to a well-deserved closing point.

However, what a lot of readers seem to miss are all the tricks and tips that we have managed to pack in this guide at the end of 2021.

With that out of the way, here are a few of the best and our favorite time-savers and hacks that anyone can use to live his/her online life more efficiently and otherwise.

We’ll go through tips such as exporting one’s Fitbit data and how to find some hidden Windows menus.

It goes without saying that we are confident readers will find these tips to be worth highlighting one more time.


Activate one-handed keyboard on your phone


A vast majority of smartphone devices come with their own built-in keyboards in order to facilitate users who want to have the one handed keyboard operation on their devices to make life easier.

That is the number one tip that one should follow if one happens to have an oversized smartphone device.

On the Android platform, all that the user has to do is to tap and then hold the comma button.

And on the iOS platform, the user has to tap and hold the emoji button that appears on the keyboard in order to find that very useful alternative display mode.

Put your inbox into a quiet mode at set times

This is actually a tip for those users who want to have more control over their notifications.

What we have also noticed is that a lot of Android users do not really know that there is an Android app that allows them to calm down Gmail.

It goes by the name of Quiet for Gmail.

Readers should think of Quiet for Gmail as an app that works as a type of Do Not Disturb mode which is designed specifically for the user’s email messages.

Of course, the only problem with this app or tip is that Quiet is only available on the Android platform.

However, the good news here is that it is actually free.

And our research shows that it is also fairly simple to use and configure.

Take emails in Outlook.com and sweep them out


Since Gmail announced that it was killing Inbox, a lot of people have started to use the official Microsoft client called Outlook.com.

So for those who prefer Outlook.com over everything else, they should check out the feature that goes by the name of Sweep.

It is one of the best features that Outlook.com offers and hence has made it into many lists of best tips for Outlook.com.

To make use of this feature, all that the user has to do is to select a given message in his/her web browser and then click the button that says Sweep which is on the toolbar.

Users also have the option of creating a quick rule which is based on the Sweep button.

When it’s done, it would allow the user to filter out all other similar looking email messages.

Put Apple watch on mute quickly

Now, the internet, in general, offers everyone a ton of tips on Apple Watch.

Digital smartwatches have finally made it big this year.

However, one of the best tips that smartwatch users simply tend to ignore is that of putting one’s hand over the given wearable in order to mute it.

Of course, before using this feature one has to enable the feature beforehand.

That is easily doable via Tap My Watch and then tapping Sounds & Haptics and then tapping the option that says Cover to Mute in the official Apple Watch app which accompanies the Apple watch on the iPhone.

Quickly discover what is playing on Netflix which is actually new

The official and default Netflix does a pretty mediocre job of flagging up the latest and the greatest content on the platform which appears on a monthly basis.

However, if Netflix users can simply install the Upflix app on their iOS and/or Android platform, they can make sure that they do not miss anything new on Netflix.

The Upflix app is just one of the many terrific add-ons for anyone who likes to enhance his/her mobile experience through apps.

Enable the web browser to automatically suggest passwords

We are more convinced than ever that online consumers now do not have any excuse for not making use of a good password manager or using passwords which are easy to guess.

The single most useful tip for doing passwords the right way in 2021 and beyond is to make use of password managers.

And now it is easier than ever to do so since Google Chrome and Safari both have the ability to suggest pretty strong passwords whenever they detect that the user is setting up brand new accounts on different online services.

Moreover, modern web browsers such as Safari and Chrome can also remember all those passwords for the user.

How to keep one’s clipboard history in Microsoft Windows

The official Windows 10 October update rolled out a new feature which extended to the Microsoft Windows clipboard history this time around.

To make use of this feature, users first have to go to Settings.

Then they have to select the option System.

And then hit Clipboard.

After that, users have to turn on the syncing and history features.

Users who have a need to bring up the entire clipboard history should go ahead and tap the combination of keys Win + V.

How to find the first app that I/you installed on your system

So what is the name of the first app that made it to the operating system iOS or Android or both which is installed on the user’s smartphone device?

This is a question that can now be answered with ease.

In order to find out, first, the user should tap his/her profile picture.

And then click the option that says purchased in the official App Store on the iOS platform.

For Android users, then first need to open up the official Play Store app and then click on My apps and games.

After that, they should hit Library in order to know the first app that they installed on their mobile system.

How to stack up desktop icons

The latest Mojave update to the macOS brought with it a ton of new features.

But out of all those newly added features, the one that users should start relying on more and more is the Stack option.

This is the option that keeps the user’s desktop that keeps the user’s desktop clutter under control and organized.

To make use of this feature all that users have to do is to pick the option that says View and then select the option Use Sticks from the macOS Finder menu.

This feature, we hope will bring some much-needed order to the chaos that computers can become these days.

Put on end to using same passwords for different or even same sites.

Allow us to mention another feature that has come to iOS users as a result of a new update.

As a part of the best tips and tricks for the iOS 12 platform, now uses can actually get their iPhone devices to put out a warning if and when they are making use of the same password on several of their online accounts.

In order to make sure that the operating system is making use of this new feature, the user should first go to Settings and then pick out the option that says Passwords and Accounts.

After that, the user should click on the option that is labeled as Website & App Passwords.

Use Google Docs to go back in history or through it

There is no doubt about the fact that the undo shortcut Cmd + Z and/or Ctrl + Z can prove itself as a lifesaver in any given application.

However, what a lot of users seem not to know is that Google Docs actually keeps a complete and comprehensive version history of each and every user document.

So users can make use of this fact and actually go back to any and all earlier versions of any given document.

In order to use the feature though, the user has to click on File.

And then on Version history.

After that, the user should click on See version history option.

How to switch to gestures on the official Android platform

Our research shows that Android 9 Pie actually became one of the biggest software releases in the whole of 2021 for one reason or another.

Most of the comprehensive guide to the latest edition of the Android OS would rightly point out that users should take advantage of the user feature in the OS to switch to its gesture controls.

In order to make use of the features, the user first has to click on Settings.

After that, the user should pick the option that says System.

And then click on Gestures.

Of course, we’re assuming here that the user has a recent enough smartphone device for Android to enable this new feature.

How to remove URL suggestions away from the web browsers

We’re not debating whether or not URL suggestions from one’s web browser can come in handy or not.

Sometimes they are helpful.

At other times, they are annoying.

As a part of one’s web browser troubleshooting training, one should learn how to remove individual URL suggestions.

Users can do that by pressing the Shift + Delete combination of keys.

Sometimes Shift + Fn + Delete in Google Chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox, users may have to press the Backspace or Delete as well.

How to get my Fitbit data into my Apple Health

This year, lots of people finally bought into the Fitbit family.

People also wrote lots of guides talking about how to get the most out of one’s Fitbit device.

The best tip that online consumers should make use of right now, if they have Fitbit that is, is to get all of their Fitbit data syncing well and good with Apple Healthy.

Users should understand that this is not something that they can do in the normal official Fitbit app natively.

However, the app by the name of Fitbit to Apple Health Sync can and does do the job very well for a small price of $5.

How to download images from a given website

The year 2021 gave us several tools using which users could download anything and everything from a given website.

And this is something a lot of us desire to do since there are so many interesting things on the web now.

The two greatest tools for users who want to grab a lot of images from a given website are Download All Images and Gallerify.

Now, before taking a bow to these web extensions, users should know that there is still considerable debate on how easy these tools are to understand and use.

So keep that in mind while using them to download images from online sources.

How to make YouTube videos move faster

Modern online consumers do not have the time to just sit down and watch YouTube videos at the normal speed.

Perhaps that is the reason why YouTube itself offers users on the desktop, iOS, and Android platform to adjust the pace of the videos that they are watching at any given moment.

In order to use the speed function all that users have to do is to tap the menu button that appears in the form of three dots and then tap on the Playback speed option.

This is one of the best time-saving hacks and tips.

Use maps offline by downloading them

This tip is for people who plan on going for a trip soon.

Now, before going on a trip there are a lot of things that one can do as preparation.

But the tip that we want to talk about here is offline maps.

In other words, everyone should have them.

We also suggest that users should sync specific regions present on Google Maps to their smartphone devices in order to use them offline.

This happens when the user is abroad and/or not within a signal range.

Accessing this option is very easy.

Just go to Google Maps main menu and then click Offline maps.

First, find and then recover playlists on Spotify

Did you know that there is a specific URL that users can access from where they can restore some of their deleted files on Spotify?

Well, users who want to revisit some of the decision that they have made in deleting some files should click here and bookmark the page.

The link that we have provided up will take users directly to their deleted playlists on Spotify.

It would also allow users to recover the items if the user wants to do that for one reason or another.

How to open a secret Microsoft Windows Start menu

We hope we are not being redundant when we say that this tip is the last one but certainly not the last.

There are a ton of secret and hidden trackpad and mouse shortcuts available to users.

But the one we want to talk about here is the one that allows users to open up a hidden Microsoft Windows Start menu.

In order to access this menu, all that the user has to do is to perform a right-click the Start menu button instead of left-clicking it.

That would provide the user with quick access to other options such as Task Manager, Device Manager and lots more.