5 Best Free VPN Service Providers

A VPN can add great value to your network, no matter if it is a private or public one. Free VPN services are used to add the feeling of security and freedom to your network. By implementing VPN for free you can have the best from both worlds. The security and safety that private networks offer, and the features that you can use as a part of the wider Internet. VPN networks group a certain number of computers and encrypt every piece of information that is transferred to the internet. You can’t loose anything by using the services of VPN providers, even the free ones – and the gains for the security of your network can have huge importance.

Why You Should Start Using a VPN (and how to Choose the Best One for Your Needs/what one should be taking into account while choosing a VPN)

A VPN account will allow you to access a network to which you are not physically connected. The goal that you want to achieve mainly depends from the purpose of usage. Different types of users have different needs and there are various reasons why you should start using a VPN account. Here we will try to separate the types of users into couple of categories and determine their reasons for using a free VPN service. This part of the article should also help you to figure out the best free VPN for your particular needs.

Worker/Student Persona: Clients that fit this persona usually have numerous different activities to attend to during the day like meetings or classes. They use VPN communities in order to get a hold of some resources, documents and collaborative platforms that they can use with their colleagues. They usually use a free VPN provided by the establishment where they work or study, and can use it whenever they feel the need. This group doesn’t do too much shopping on the net.

Downloading Freak: It doesn’t matter if legal or illegal downloads come in question, the only way to secure your computer from harmless torrent software is by using VPN security software. Anything else that you see on the Internet as a possible solution for this problem only provides false feeling of safety.

The Security Natzi: It doesn’t matter if they’re using a private or public network this people always have the feeling that somebody is watching over everything they write. That’s why the security orientated customer persona tends to do a lot of research before choosing the best free VPN. They know that if they have a VPN, nobody can interrupt their privacy.

The Go For It Guy: If you like to watch all the latest TV shows, live broadcasts of sporting events and download all the latest software without any country restrictions; then you’re a part of this group of people. VPNs are just the thing you need in order to accomplish complete online freedom.

The Renaissance Man: This type of person is usually a multi-task kind of fellow that has lots of needs when his online presence is in question. He can be a part of an organization and use the VPN that they have installed, but also tends to use a private free VPN service for his own needs. Has lots of knowledge about the industry and knows what he’s looking for.

You’ve probably recognized yourself from one of the above types of personalities and we would feel really proud if you have some idea about where to start your free VPN software search. Here are also some recommendations of what characteristics you should keep an eye on when compariong various VPN systems.

Protocol: The average VPN system can use one of the following protocols: SL/TLS, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP. There are lot more types of VPN protocols that can be a part of this list, but the most used one on the Internet today is the SL/TLS VPN protocol. It is security protocol that every website that exists should have. The probability of becoming a mandatory protocol for all sites in the future is very high.

Exit Locations: This one is kind off tricky as it is connected with the location of the services that you want to use through your VPN. For example if you want to use your free VPN system for gambling purposes, then you will have problems when using a VPN providers that has located his servers in the USA where online gambling is restricted in big number of states.

Logging Policies: It is true that VPN systems will keep your information secure on the Internet, but at the same time other members of the network can breach your personal information if they choose to. That’s why you should read the privacy and logging policy of the provider carefully before you pick one of them as your best match. There are VPN providers out there that take your privacy very seriously.

Available Anti-Virus Features: Free VPNs are designed to keep your data safe, but not all of them can guarantee that you will not catch any viruses or malware software from the download location that you use. The perfect VPN should have a top quality anti-virus and anti-malware feature as a part of the package.

We hope that you figured out why do you need a VPN from the user persona’s that we’ve created and that you have an idea for what to look for. Now is the time to show you some example of the best free VPN services out there on market today:

Updated June 2021!

CyberGhost VPN

This is one of the most reliable VNP servers out there with a focus on the European market. Free CyberGhost has only a handful of servers available in the US. It is very easy to install and features a highly user friendly interface. The free version allows you to browse for your favorite blocked content and safely browse the Internet. They are currently organizing a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo that will allow the company to place more free servers. However if your country doesn’t have any free servers, for the time being, you will probably need to purchase the full version that has a price tag of $16.99,

Spotflux Free VPN


This is one of the best free VPN systems available today. It will block all harmful sites and allow you to experience the web like you’re living in another country. All data collecting tools that crawl your computer are blocked as well, so you can be sure that everything you do on the Internet while using TunnelBear will be kept on a safe place. The only limitation that TunnelBear faces is that it only allows you to use 500mb of data capacity per month.


The free version doesn’t feature any ads and you can use it on all available operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. Nevertheless it sometimes feels like VPN anti-virus guard is not getting the job done, and allows some malware to reach your computer. ProXPN Supports PPTP and OpenVPN, which is a good thing. It is true that it has some features that the competition still hasn’t published, but sometimes doing less is better because all of the features feel like they still need lots of work on them. The premium version is $9.99 per month, but lots of customers have experienced a significant drop in bandwidth speed during the time they were using proXPN.

OpenVPN Shield Exchange

It is open towards both Windows and Mac users. The quality of the connection that it provides is among the top ones in the industry, but you can use only 100mb of data traffic in total with the free version. After that you will need to purchase OpenVPN Shield Echange Pro. It has shown mediocre results on Internet speed tests, but at the same time it provided one of the safest online environments.

VPN service providers know that their product is big part of the Internet security future, but have failed to find the right monetization strategy yet. Some of them are trying to conduct crowd funding campaigns so they can provide a free VPN service with greater number of international servers.

This sounds like the right way to do it because you’re reaching for help from your future clientele and building something extraordinary at the same time. Time is actually the only factor that will show if the VPN service industry will grow in the future. Big companies and members of other industries that have great use out of customer data are surely against this type of security services, so there are also lots of enemies out there for the free VPN services providers.

We hope that this article helped you chose the right VPN solution for your needs. If we have missed out on some cool new VPN providers feel free to share them in the comments section of this page. We’re planning to do lots of more researching in this niche, so if you want to be first to receive all the latest news in the industry just sign-up to our newsletter, or just say hi through our contact form we will be happy to chat with you on this subject.